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    Andrew Lyttle

    For bigger corporate bookings where we have more than 8 people in the group (we have 8 Vive Pro stations), I was planning on being able to swap people in and out of the experience half way through so that people aren’t waiting for the entire duration before their turn. Has anyone else done this?  I assume you need to re-calibrate the height of the new player in-game – how is this done? Thanks, Andrew

    Patrick Fedler

    Hello Andrew,

    Re-Calibrating the height is possible through the accessibility menu!



    Andrew Lyttle

    Thanks Patrick. Does this tend to work without any problems? Is it better get swap people in an out that are a similar height or does it not matter? Just need to know how robust this process is. We wouldn’t do this for a standard booking but corporate bookings that have larger group numbers don’t want people waiting around for an hour before they get their turn. Cheers, Andrew







Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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