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    As an Escape Room company focused on immersion, we have worked on a strong post-game experience. For the two first games, we get players out of the headset with roleplaying and show them a physical Piece of Eden so they feel they really did succeed in their mission. More traditionally, they also get a badge and a real life picture (additionally to the game’s pictures). Do you guys have any other interesting post-game ideas? Also, have you thought of the DOT post game experience?

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    Hello Lara,

    no I’m not doing such immersive roleplaying or post-game Experience, , I can imagine this for a real escape game but it’s difficult for me for a VR EG. How do they live this ? and you spoke about the artefact. What could be cool is a kind of Marketing Shop where we could by some articles (with a good price)


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    if you search on google

    Elven Assassin Teespring you’ll find the shop

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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