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Start Forums Troubleshooting In-game bugs Logo in Tutorial is not filling up.

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    Sometimes the Logo at the beginning of the Tutorial is only filling up a little bit, regardless of looking in the middle. And there is no way to skip this for him, so i have to start the game. Could you make it skippable, please?


    We are experiencing the same issues at times. redoing the game wont necesarily fix it and its a bit random which of our PC’s are affected by it. It would be wonderful to be able to use “Skip Task” on a individual player to get into the dressing room as a worst case Scenario as Marcel suggested. It doesn’t seem to effect the rest of the gameplay once the game actually starts.


    Same here. It happens regularly both on Lost Pyramid and Medusa. Skipping it by starting the game solves the problem, but the customer understands there’s a bug.


    Same issue here. If we skip the tutorial and launch the game, the player does arrive into the game but crouched down or with a super tiny avatar that can’t be solved with the “Recalibrate height” button.</p><p>Anyone could  find a proper solution?

    We are just shutting down the game every time and starting again

    PS: we use Rift S


    <p>Are you kidding me?! Now it is not even possible to start the game before… Why did you make this strange changes?!</p>


    <p>We’ve run into this issue too Marcel, but the logo not loading up issue has been drastically reduced the last few days. Perhaps after the last update.</p>

    Andrew Lyttle

    We are having this same problem with the height cal (logo) sometimes but yesterday with a group of 4 doing the ETLP we had 1 player that couldn’t progress past the hint system part of the tutorial. Had to restart the game each time as it wouldn’t even give the chance of starting at the first chapter. Happened 3 times to 2 different players with the others going straight into the prep room without a problem. Without the chance of starting the experience or starting at the first chapter I had to get them into the POP experience instead (as 2 of the 4 had already done the BMG) – they were already ~15min into their time and ended up going over 90min in total which created issues with other bookings (and we couldn’t finish them up early given the hassles they had)….


    To restart the headset in steam VR helps. And then close and restart the game







Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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