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    Nicolas – Destination VR

    <p>Hi everyone,</p><p>Did your clients experienced some troubles about grabing handles for climbing or some enigmas?</p><p>The “blue shining” of handles appeares after keeping the hand 1 or 2 sec near it… It’s pretty annoying.</p><p>My clients played on ETLP (didn’t test BMG yet).</p><p>Have a nice week-end, </p><p>Regards,</p><p>Nicolas</p>

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    Andrew – VR-ARRIVAL

    <p>Hi Nicolas. We definitely found that yesterday with the Escape the Lost Pyramid. Grabbing handles to climb was painful to watch – would take ages for each handle to become highlighted. We also had a couple of times where interactable items wouldn’t highlight at all – for example the circle puzzle in the 1st room wouldn’t highlight at all but they could still pick up the torch/urns etc. Tried switching stations but still happened. Had to switch them to the Beyond Medusa’s Gate instead…</p>

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    <p>Yes, this is a new bug. I do not understand, how they made these bugs in the game…</p>

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    <p>We’ve had clients in the last two days struggling with the Pyramid too regarding this issue.</p><p>Especially in the first room and in phase 3 with the Eye, they’ve seem to have struggled grabbing the handles / having to have them skipped entirely.</p>

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    Andrew Lyttle

    The ETLP is still unpredictable for us. Quite often one player will not be able to interact at all with a necessary object (eg. the wheel puzzle in the single room that needs to be solved to join up with the other player). They can interact with other objects like the torch etc though in the room. Is very frustrating as I need to then get them into another experience and they are already ~15mins into their time!

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    I totaly agree ! Does Ubisoft would help us ?

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    Patrick Fedler

    Hello guys,

    Thanks for your feedback. We have been preparing a fix for this and it will be part of the next update which we plan to release very soon. We’ll announce time and date in a separate e-mail as usual!


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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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