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    Patrick Fedler

    Escape The Lost Pyramid

    Guide for the Spectator


    Tutorial / Prep Room             (4 – 8 Min)

    1. Players should face the calibration logo and follow the tutorial steps
    2. ensure that all players know how to grab objects and teleport
    3. ensure that all players can hear each other


    • some players have trouble using the gesture position for Eagle Vision (to highlight important objects)
    • usually it helps to tell them to move their hands in the area of their ears
    • some players forget to teleport into the big prep room with the mirror where the others players are
      • It helps to remind them to use the teleport or you may have to repeat them how to do it throughout the session


    Once the players feel comfortable and ready to play the Spectator can start the session (ca. 4 – 8 min)



    Animus Intro Sequence  (1 Min)

    1. Players cannot teleport or speak to each other during this Intro sequence and need to just wait




    Stage 1 (8-15 MIN)

    1. Players will start in a dark cell and have to solve a 3-step safe door mechanism
      • players will need the help of the torch (brazier optional) to see enough
      • communication between players is limited on purpose during this section
    2. once players are out they have to solve a gear riddle, where they have to put the gears on the right position on the wall
      • players have to exchange 1 gear with the partner next to them through the gap/slot in the middle of the separator wall
    3. Then some weights will appear which the players have to throw into the big statue vases in order to activate the elevator to the next stage
    4. Once enough weights are in the vases the platform will begin to move

    HINT:    In case people really struggle to find the big vases feel free to remind them to use Eagle vision




    Stage 2 (8-15 Min)

    1. The First riddle here is about redirecting the lightbeam into the sphinx crystal by using the bows and arrows to rotate the mirror targets.
    2. Players have to shoot a target in order to free and reflect the light beam. Players then have to shoot the mirror targets one after another to bring the light to the Sphinx.
    3. On the next level players need to search for 2 hidden mirrors in order to redirect the light beams from the Sphinx to a certain point (colored crystals on the side)

    HINT:    A few players may struggle to find the mirrors OR the spot/crystal where they have to redirect the light into. Depending on how long players are stuck you can guide them where they have to look or you can simply remind them to use Eagle Vision to solve the riddle themselves.


    1. After the Sphinx moment players have to redirect the light beams into the chandelier above.
    2. All players need to pull floor levers (2 or 4 depending on the amount of players) in order to activate the elevator for the next split
      • They have to do all actions simultaneously which requires extra communication

    HINT:    a few players may not look above and may miss the chandelier crystal. Again depending on how long they need feel free to guide them a bit. Something like “Did you look everywhere?”


    Stage 3          (12-20 Min)

    1. The player(s) up top have to pull a lever for their partner in order to bring the climbing eye into the correct position so that they can climb to the middle pillar.
    2. The top player has to go inside of the pillar and rotate it so their partner player can reach the handles and climb up to the platform

    HINT:    Some people are afraid of climbing or height (if necessary you can ask them if you (the spectator) should switch the players positions – this is an option in the spectator menu)

                    Some player might miss the turning handles on the pillar – feel free to guide them when and where they have to look or suggest they activate Eagle vision.

    1. The next step is about creating a route for their partner. Once the player has reached the platform a wheel has to be turned to give access to the player with the bow to create a climbing path for their partner. Next to the player at the huge side wall there are 2 levers which need to be activated

    HINT:    Some people stop rotating the wheel early because they do not notice something is happening. You        can tell them to continue rotating or that the other player should check the environment for something changing while they are rotating.

    1. Targets need to be shot by the player with the bow
    2. Some wooden walls will appear and the bow shooting player needs to shoot some arrow handles to create a path for their partner

    HINT:    Often players do not have the idea to shoot the arrow knobs into the wood to use as handles for their partner. After 5 – 8 min without progress feel free to remind them to use eagle vision and some highlighted targets will appear on the wood walls for them.

    1. Once the partner reaches the last platform they have to pull another lever.
    2. When all players have pulled this lever the middle elevator becomes active again and handles will appear
    3. The bow shooting player(s) still needs to shoot the 3 targets to make the top platforms accessible
    4. Again all players need to pull the floor levers in order to activate the elevator to reach the top for the final scene




    Stage 4 (2 – 5 Min)

    1. Once at the top of the pyramid all players (2/4) need to touch and hold the hand symbols on the obelisk at the same time to trigger the outro scene and open access to the artifact Eden piece
    2. The playtime length of the session will then be displayed for players to see.



    HINT:    Feel free to take the players out of VR. Check that players are all good and don’t feel nauseous or sick, some may require a glass of water.

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