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Start Forums Ideas – Suggestions – Feedback button to trigger a happy ending to stop the game

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    FAVEROT Alban from VR Paradoxe

    <p>Dear, I have issues when group (usualy 4) takes too long for the adventure.</p><p>I can give hints, I can jump(cheat) from one level to another , but I’d like to have a button in the session manager to trigger a video sequence saying ” dear adventurers  , unfortunately you failed to achieve the top of the pyramid in ..60minutes” …</p><p> </p>

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    <p>This is gonna be SO necessary for DOT… The game is WAY TOO LONG.<br />It was necessary to have a more difficult game, but in this case, DOT is not more difficult, it is just LONGER. It makes no sense in terms of business to have 2,5h slots for one game and slots of 1,5h for the other one. We need more ways to shorcut the game, the “happy ending button” is a good idea, also one problem is that players have no idea of how much time they have left. A gong bell sound every 15 min could help for example.</p>

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    Alban FAVEROT

    <p>Hi , </p><p>Thanks Lara for sharing my opinion ! My test of DOT gave me the same filling ! a bit mot difficult but SO LONGER !</p><p> </p><p>” A gong bell sound every 15 min could help for example”  is a good idea</p><p>For example in INCARNA.co they have a real clock to stress a little bit the customers ;)</p>

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    <p>I feel the same way, DOT is just longer, not harder. Medusa is way more harder when you think of the quality of riddles. Yesterday I spoke with the Ubisoft and they think that also so I guess there will be changes. I have problems pricing that one too. I can’t take the double price although the game takes up two slots, so I am really losing potential customers through it… How do you all handle this? Are you making it more expensive?</p>

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    Hi, how about that the avatar has a clock on which time counts down from e.g. 50 min. and the button ad the other suggest

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    Alban FAVEROT

    Idea of a clock is good, that would stress them a little bit

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    Alban FAVEROT

    Hi Aleks, just got my first DOT customers today, I have increase the time slot to 90mins to avoid issue with other customers , but TRUE It takes more time and we loose potential other customers. Currently I don’t increase the price, I’m in the learning curve.

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    Alban FAVEROT

    Since the first test in beta closed we said that it’s too long , Ubisoft answered “average time is 65” we don’t know if it’s 2 or 4 players. , also those test were don’t by arcade owners with the experience and game behavior , so it’s a fake duration , real is the customers. I really hope that it will change

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    Hi, I’m Raul, I use the translator because I don’t speak English so first of all I apologize if my text is not well understood.
    The happy ending button is essential for all games, even if the goal is not achieved, the ending must be acceptable, right now I can only tell you that time is up and cut it off, that way of ending is in bad taste for customers.
    Players need to know at all times how much time they have consumed and how much they have left, many groups do not go faster because since they do not know the time they do not have the feeling of having to do it faster, if you really want to sell these experiences as games of virtual escape room there are some basic concepts that you should not miss, the always visible time is one of them.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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