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    Patrick Fedler

    Beyond Medusas Gate – Guide for the Spectator


    1. Tutorial & preparation room
    2. Animus
    3. Stage 1                             (~ 15 to 20 Min)
      • Snake chamber
      • Coin & raft
      • Mosaic puzzle
      • Bow & arrow
    4. Stage 2                             (~ 12 to 20 Min)
      • Giant hands
      • Gear puzzle
      • Aqueduct puzzle
    1. Stage 3                 (~ 15 to 20 Min)
      • Bow Forge
      • Climbing & redirecting light beam
      • Gong puzzle
      • Medusa fight
    • Apple of Eden & Selfie                 (2 Min)


    1. Tutorial & preparation room (4 – 8 Min)
      1. Players need to face the calibration logo and follow the tutorial steps
      2. If eagle vision is turned on, players need to activate it and put the controller on the highlighted button (the tutorial text may not be clear enough for some players)
      3. ensure that all players know how to grab objects and teleport
      4. ensure that all players can hear each other


    • some players have problems to find the gesture position for Eagle Vision (to highlight important objects)
    • usually it helps to tell them to move their hands in the area of their ears
    • some players forget to teleport into the big prep room with the mirror where the others players are
      • It helps to remind them to use the teleport or sometimes you have to repeat how to do it


    Whenever the players feel comfortable and ready to play the Spectator can start the session


    1. Animus Introduction Sequence (1 Min)
      • Stage 1 – Snake chamber
    2. Players need to ignite the brazier with the torch from the wall
    3. They then have to rotate the brazier using the handles and align the silhouettes to the snakes on the wall, they will start glowing if it has been done correctly
    4. The sliding handles on the snake need to be moved on the glowing parts to activate 2 door handles
    5. Both door handles need to be brought together which will activate a magic coin
    6. Players need to grab the coin to open the door

    Hint:       Players tend to ignore the brazier after they ignited it, you may need to draw their attention back to it or remind them to use “Eagle Vision” if they are stuck (recommendation: more than 5 Min without progress)


    • Coin & raft
    1. After every player has inserted their coin to the socket, a raft will unlock
    2. The cranks to move the raft forward will appear as soon as all players teleported on their raft

    Hint:       The raft is significantly slower if only one person is turning the crank.


    • Mosaic puzzle
    1. Grab the weight that is lying on the table and put it on any of the three plates, we recommend putting it on either right or left one first
    2. As the first ring emerges from the wall, spin it to match the outer or inner picture
    3. As soon as it’s in the right place, the weight needs to be lifted to lock the position

    If it has been done correctly, the outlines of the image will start to glow

    The two remaining rings need to be positioned in the same way as above

    1. When all three rings are aligned correctly, the mosaic wall will fall down, unlocking the boat to continue the journey


    • Players tend to not notice the ring emerging immediately
    • Some players don’t see that the outer ring is not aligned correctly and start aligning everything to that ring instead of the image outside of the rings
    • It takes a while for them to understand that they have to remove the weight in order to lock it in position
    • Players usually find the solution very fast without guidance



    • Bow & arrow
    1. Bows & arrows will emerge from the boat as soon as it stopped in the middle of the room
    2. Players need to use them to shoot the 3 targets on each side
    3. When all targets from one side have been shot, Spartan statues will emerge from the water
    4. One player has to shoot the target on the shield in order for it to open up to reveal another target, which the second player has to shoot in time
    5. After doing this for the statues on both sides, the door will open to reveal the second stage, which introduces flying enemies
    6. These mechanical insects are a distraction and entertainment for the players and do not have to be killed in order to progress


    4.i      Stage 2 – Giant hands

    1. After the boat has stopped, the players have to climb up the palms of a hand by holding onto the white highlighted ledges; two players for each side
    2. After arriving at the top, use the hand shaped push buttons all at once to initiate the lift


    • Some players have issues to understand that they can hold on to the white ledges
    • Some players split unevenly, like 1 – 3 or all on one side. Progress cannot continue in this manner


    4.2      Gear puzzle

    1. After arriving at the platform, one player has to hold down the levers on the wall while the other waits for the elevator to come down and teleport on it
    2. The player on the elevator (P1) now has to shoot the glowing target to unlock the climbing path for the other player (P2)
    3. By shooting arrows at the wood, the player creates climbing knobs for the other player to move forward
    4. Once arrived at the first platform, P2 needs to use the slider to activate a target mechanism for the other player to shoot to active targets to create a path up:

    the order is 1) lower red target and 2) lower blue target


    Hint:       it is intended that players can block themselves. Feel free to give hints if they are stuck for too long / having no idea to solve.  It is possible and intended that players can cheat a bit and reach the last platform by having only 1 panel on top and players will need to stretch

    1. P2 uses the newly created climbing path to progress to platform two and puts the slider on “red”
    2. Again P1 needs to shoot 1) active upper red target and then 2) active upper blue target.
    3. P2 then climbs to the last platform, after pulling up the lever the platform gets lifted a final time


    4.3      Aqueduct puzzle

    1. Pushing the hand shaped levers will result in machinery emerging from the wall
    2. This contains two big gears, which both need to be spun until the end to connect a missing piece to the aqueduct to make the water flow again
    3. All Players then need to pull the big wooden levers next to the boat to trigger the seesaw. They need to do it simultaneously
    4. After the animation is done the players can proceed through the gate and get on the ship


    4.4.     Stage 3 – Bow forge

    1. Now, the players have to insert the wooden bows into the orange moulds to upgrade them into light bows
    2. Pulling the string creates a light beam
    3. The orange and the blue crystal needs to be lit up by the respective bow colour to open the gate


    4.5      Climbing & redirecting light beam

    1. Using the light bows, the crystals on the wall have to be lit, to activate climbing poles

    On each side only one crystal – alighting 2 poles can be active at a time

    1. Another player now needs to climb the pole which just emerged, while the player with the bow gradually lights up the next crystals step by step to create more poles

    Hint:       lighting the crystals up too fast can cause the other player to fall down which is intended. Players have to communicate with one another to find the right moment

    1. The player that climbed up will find a mirror on top and has to redirect the light beam into a big crystal in its respective colour, it’s right above where the players found the mirror
    2. After the architecture has moved, the player on top needs to be brought down to the ship again using the crystals and poles just like before

    4.6     Gong puzzle

    1. The ballista will unlock as soon as every player is back on the ship
    2. There is a bar on top of the gate, which shows the order in which the gongs have to be shot (Centaur, Gorgon, Bird, Cerberus)
    3. to make the symbols visible, it is necessary to use the light bows and aim them at the crystals above the gongs
    4. In a 4 Player session the gongs need to be lit up while being shot (in 2P it is not necessary)
    5. the ballista needs to be operated by two players, one of them being in the front, rotating the ballista and opening the reload compartment
    6. the other player stands in front of the control panel, which supplies ammunition on the right and has a lever to move the ballista vertically and a fire button on the left

    Hint:       2 player sessions tend to have more problems to find out the order. You may want to give that hint if you see them having problems for too long.


    4.7     Medusa fight

    1. The first phase of the Medusa fight requires the players to use the two lightbows on the crystals on the snakes to remove them from her face
    2. In the second stage players need to load and shoot the ballista at the glowing parts in her cheeks
    3. This will trigger the third phase in which medusa opens her eyes and petrifies the ballista. At this point players need the lightbows again, the colour of the eyes themselves indicate which light beam needs to go into which eye
    4. During the final phase, the players need to aim a final shot at her forehead


    4.8     Apple of Eden & Selfie

    1. After the death animation, the Apple of Eden is revealed, players need to grab it and place it into the socket which is where the ballista control panel was.
    2. The gate will then open and the outro sequence begins
    3. Once the boat stopped, a drone will take three selfies of the players from three different perspectives
    4. in the end, the timestamp will be projected on the cliff side and the experience is finished

    HINT:    Feel free to take the players out of VR. Check that players are all good and don’t feel nauseous or sick. It may help to give them a glass of water.

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