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Start Forums Ideas – Suggestions – Feedback button to trigger a happy ending to stop the game Reply To: button to trigger a happy ending to stop the game


Hi, I’m Raul, I use the translator because I don’t speak English so first of all I apologize if my text is not well understood.
The happy ending button is essential for all games, even if the goal is not achieved, the ending must be acceptable, right now I can only tell you that time is up and cut it off, that way of ending is in bad taste for customers.
Players need to know at all times how much time they have consumed and how much they have left, many groups do not go faster because since they do not know the time they do not have the feeling of having to do it faster, if you really want to sell these experiences as games of virtual escape room there are some basic concepts that you should not miss, the always visible time is one of them.