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Start Forums Troubleshooting In-game bugs Logo in Tutorial is not filling up. Reply To: Logo in Tutorial is not filling up.

Andrew Lyttle

We are having this same problem with the height cal (logo) sometimes but yesterday with a group of 4 doing the ETLP we had 1 player that couldn’t progress past the hint system part of the tutorial. Had to restart the game each time as it wouldn’t even give the chance of starting at the first chapter. Happened 3 times to 2 different players with the others going straight into the prep room without a problem. Without the chance of starting the experience or starting at the first chapter I had to get them into the POP experience instead (as 2 of the 4 had already done the BMG) – they were already ~15min into their time and ended up going over 90min in total which created issues with other bookings (and we couldn’t finish them up early given the hassles they had)….