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Start Forums Troubleshooting In-game bugs 2 Button controls don`t work after DoT Update Reply To: 2 Button controls don`t work after DoT Update


I cannot believe you, this is based on evidence, it is so illogical, strange and against every theory in education science (which i have studied) and we test it with our costumers (and these are normal people with no VR experience) and it worked way better with two buttons. It is possible to do it with one button, but it has many disadvantages.

But if you want it these way, maybe there is another more plausible reason for it like to stand out more, so it is ok.

Nevertheless, before the update it worked fine and you could press anywhere on the touchpad, but now, it is nearly impossible to press it on the right position, please just make it like before and i am fine.

Thank you.